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Five Reasons Why Polco is Better Than a Butter Knife

Butter Knife Fixing a Light

-By Cory Poris-Plasch-

In a house with kids, things often don’t remain in their proper place. Sometimes you have to get creative as a result. For example, I recently found myself trying to use a butter knife instead of a screwdriver on a minor repair. It got the job done. However, the process was more difficult and the results were not ideal. When I finally found my screwdriver, one of the first things I did was to use it to correctly finish the job the butter knife started.

We know there are civic engagement tools out there that can get the job done. But will the process be painless and will the results be helpful? With Polco, you can be sure you are using the right tool for the job.

Five Reasons Why Polco is Better Than a Butter Knife

When we claim we are experts, we have the credentials to back it up.

We are true leaders in the survey science field. We have been creating surveys for 25 years. Indeed, we regularly speak at the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers, the preeminent organization for survey research. 

We don’t just create surveys. We set the trends in survey research. Our leading statisticians are always on the cutting edge in pioneering new survey science methodologies.

Experience matters.

Polco’s depth of experience is why we are the exclusive civic engagement partner for International City/County Management Association and the National League of Cities. Indeed, we are among the first engagement platforms built specifically for local government, nonprofits, and academic organizations. With 25 years of survey experience, our research arm National Research Center (NRC) has long been at the forefront of survey research in the public sector.

We understand American government, academia, and non-profits.

We understand our clients and their challenges, making us uniquely suited to find solutions.

Our team reflects a diversity of backgrounds. We come from all levels of local government, from front-line personnel to city managers to non-profit leaders. We have experience in academia, in the non-profit and public sectors, and in the armed forces.

Our team is entirely based in the United States, so we have a deep understanding of the needs of American clients. Indeed we understand the needs of specific regions of the United States as our remote workforce is spread throughout the nation, from North Carolina to Colorado to California to Wisconsin to New Mexico and everywhere in between. 

Our breadth of experience helps us to serve our clients better.

We developed Polco with local government and other civic-minded entities in mind.

We started our company to give the public, academic, and nonprofit sectors the data they need to make the decisions that matter in their communities. All design decisions we make on the platform reflect this commitment. 

For example, our platform promotes positive, civil discussion in communities and our benchmarked surveys elicit feedback in a way that contributes to effective decision making.  

We understand the negativity that can come from uncontrolled dialogue. We also understand that poorly organized data results are not useful. So we make design decisions to address these challenges.

Everything we do keeps the needs of our public, academic, and non-profit clients at the center.

We are a mission-driven organization.

For us, the priority is making a difference, not making a profit. Our history of public service and our mission statement reflects this priority. Our goal is to build a single platform that brings every community together around their most important topics, ultimately improving our shared quality of life.

Want to learn more about how Polco can become part of your toolbox?  Please visit our website.

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