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In The Game with Downtown Colorado, Inc.

-By Angelica Wedell-


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Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) is taking interactive conferencing to a whole new level with the upcoming Vibrant Downtowns event, In the Game (May 2-5, 2017). “We wanted to help communities think about their different partners, stakeholders and all of the different diverse demographics in their community to be a part of the solution and part of the economic vitality,” said DCI Executive Director Katherine Correll.

The Challenge Studio

This event turns the typical conference format inside-out and focuses on a “Challenge Studio” concept rather than the traditional marathon of lengthy seminars. Registrants submit an issue their community is facing, and hash out ideas with a hive of peers and experts. “It will be interesting to see all of the innovations the group comes up with,” said Jade Arocha, NRC Survey Consultant. Arocha will facilitate a workshop and lend her expertise to the Challenge Studio.

“I think you’re going to realize that there are many people around the state who have the same challenges that you do,” said Steve Art, the City of Wheat Ridge Economic Development Manager and Urban Renewal Authority Executive Director. He said those professionally invested in the betterment of their downtowns should consider attending this conference. “Economic development professionals, small businesses, medium business, primary employers, as well as municipality employees [should] come to this conference to learn what we’re doing to help downtown districts,” he said.

Dynamic Speakers

DCI is inviting a dynamic group of keynote speakers and presenters to  participate. “I’m excited about the keynotes,” said Creative Strategist Brian Corrigan. “The [achievements of these speakers] show the power that art and culture bring to making our places more successful.” The City of Boston’s Julie Burros, Meow Wolf’s Vince Kadlubek and the Van Alen Institute’s Steven Thomson will share messages to inspire and inform the future of culture-driven communities.

“This is a large group of people that all really believe in making downtown areas really vibrant. And because we are united in that mission, I think that we are all going to be really excited to share these ideas,” said Presenter Rachel Trignano, Colorado Symphany Public Community Relations Manager.

Networking and More

The conference also features local tours, performances, an open-house event with Colorado Industries, karaoke and more. All the action takes place May 2-5 of 2017 in Breckenridge, Colorado. This event promises to help attendees get in the game and stay in the game.  More Information

The National Business Survey

Improve your downtown by addressing the needs and demands of local businesses with The National Business SurveyTM (The NBSTM). Get the 10% discount if you are a member of Downtown Colorado, Inc.

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