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NRC Sings the Star Spangled Banner

July 1, 2016
NRC Sings the Star Spangled Banner

“Our flag was still there,” Francis Scott Key famously wrote after seeing the stars and stripes survive a battle.  Two hundred years later, we still sing those words to celebrate the U.S. Independence Day.


NRC’s Annika Erickson-Pearson, Erin Dixon and Angelica Wedell sing the Star Spangled Banner. Watch on YouTube.

Why We Observe the 4th of July

“Independence, whether political or personal does not, however, mean that we go it alone. An independent person or an independent country gets to choose its friends and partners who are critical to its success. So I think that NRC cherishes Independence Day for what it means to our ability as a nation to find the right countries to support and from which to seek reciprocation. NRC’s independence opens doors for our partnerships with other organizations that seek, as do we, to improve the quality of community life across America.”  - Tom Miller, NRC President


“The country was created by the will of the people and continues to evolve. It is important to gather in our communities to celebrate what is best in us and be inspired to keep working towards our ideals.” – Sonya Wytinck, Director of Research


“I feel very strongly about the celebration of our country, and I’m happy that NRC feels just as passionate. Independence Day to me is more than a historical remembrance, but an opportunity to appreciate the freedoms and liberties we have as citizens of The United States. Also, fireworks are a pretty fun way to celebrate!”  - Erin Dixon, Social Media Coordinator


“NRC may be small at 20 employees, but each of them is part of their own neighborhood community, state community and national community.  Celebrating Independence Day gives us an opportunity to revel in the spirit of togetherness that the national holiday excites.” – Angelica Wedell, Marketing and Business Development Coordinator

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