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NRC Staff Reveal Five Most Scary Fears at Work

- By Angelica Wedell -

For National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) staff, Halloween is full of treats. And spending our days conducting and reporting scientific survey research for local governments is pretty sweet. But sometimes our jobs can be a bit tricky or even downright scary! So, what better time than the year’s most frightful holiday to admit the things that chill, shock and terrify us at work?

NRC Halloween 2018_Scary Office Staff

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1. Public Speaking

“Giving council presentations definitely can be a little scary, especially at first.” – Laurie Urban, Senior Research Associate

NRC Halloween 2018_Scary Office Wrestler

2. Mailing Mistakes

“The day the survey mails, even though we triple check the address list, I always have a moment of panic that I sorted it wrong or left something off. It is the most public mistake you can make!” – Sonya Wytinck, Managing Director

NRC Halloween 2018_Scary Office Monster Cookie

3. Twitter Comments

“Reading through people’s Twitter comments.” – Keifer Johnson, NRC SEO and Content Specialist

NRC Halloween 2018_Scary Office Pumpkin Lantern

4. Scary Typos

“Finding a silly typo in the newsletter.  Especially the thought of said typo ever involving the word ‘public.’” – Angelica Wedell, Marketing Director

NRC Halloween 2018_Scary Office Rosie Riveter

5. No More Coffee

“I think you could safely say that a terrifying day in the office is one where we run out of coffee.” – Jade Arocha, Survey Associate

Running out of coffee is always bad news. But I suppose the good news is facing our fear makes us pay extra attention to details, forces us out of our comfort zones and makes us better professionals. And I know there is something in every job that can scare you right out of your seat. So what frightens you most at work?

Happy Halloween from your friends at NRC!

NRC Halloween 2018_Scary Office Guest_Tammy Dameron  Special thanks to Tammy Dameron for providing homemade cookies and frosting for our office party.





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