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Top Ten Reasons Communities Should Shop Small Business

by NRC
3 min read
November 25, 2015

The pleasant boutique that colors main street with fresh, fragrant flowers.  The French cafe you visit every Thursday morning, where everyone knows your name.  The local farm that grows the best peaches ever.  The little tech store (owned by your neighbor), that will sell you a home theater system and come to your house to calibrate it.  The small, passionate survey research and evaluation firm that serves local governments, non-profits and others across the nation.


These are just a handful of small businesses that you might find in your community.  


We find it interesting that all big businesses had small beginnings.  And according to Business Insider and the Small Business Association, small businesses have a massive impact on the U.S. national economy: they outnumber large corporations, employ more than half of the nation’s private workforce and make up 44{7d2d4cb14c544bbeb3cd4763dc2b1aa4e79f5bb51403ad6dac1e84ac9d980b0d} of the country’s payroll.  On a smaller scale, local businesses can be vital to a community’s economic well-being.  As big as their impact is, small businesses depend on individual customer support to be successful and keep their shops open.


#ShopSmall With Us on Social Media!


National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) invites you to join us in supporting small businesses.  Check in with us on Facebook and Twitter to see what fantastic small businesses we discover.  Post about small businesses in your community on social media during the month of December, and be sure to tag us @nrc_inc on Twitter and @National Research Center, Inc. on Facebook, and we promise to retweet and share your message!


So without further ado, here are the top ten reasons for communities to shop small!

  1. Supporting small businesses keeps money within the community and enhances the local economy.
  2. Small businesses add charm and character.  They may be at the very heart and identity of the community, making them favorites at farmer’s markets and fairs.
  3. They create vibrant, local shopping areas that are attractive to home buyers and can raise property values.
  4. Must-see small businesses can draw tourism, also boosting the local economy.
  5. They offer unique gift items not found anywhere else.
  6. Small businesses tend to buy from other small businesses.  When they purchase locally-sourced ingredients or products, they also contribute to their neighbor business’ success and the economic well-being of the community entire.
  7. Customer service at small businesses can be a more personal experience.  Customers may easily build relationships with owners and staff, and perhaps even feel like they’ve become part of a family.
  8. Small businesses create jobs and are often better work-places than large chains.
  9. They dictate their own prices to remain competitive, which means you can often find better quality items at good costs.
  10. Small business owners are generally experts in their field and are better equipped to answer complex questions or provide innovative solutions for their customers.

The National Business Survey



The National Business Survey™ (The NBS™) is the fastest, easiest way to address the needs and demands of local businesses. The NBS provides answers you can use to strengthen business development, sustain retention and bolster the economy. Learn more about the economic environment from local business owners and managers, and receive clear guidance on services and policies supporting them. This survey tool also tracks business expectations for the coming year, describes local companies and reports their opinions of current services and quality of community life. These perspectives can be compared to those of the entire residential base when also conducting The National Citizen Survey™ (The NCS™).

Unlock these secrets with The NBS™, and supercharge your community’s economy.  

Click here for more information.

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