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Top Ten Reasons Why Companies Should Celebrate Holidays

NRC loves holidays and Halloween is no exception.  This year we transformed the office into a festive wonderland of costumes and cookies.  Before returning to our desks, happy and reinvigorated, we realized that holidays offer a lot to value in the work place.  In the spirit of the season, here are the top ten reasons why we think companies should celebrate holidays together.

1.   Festivities bring staff closer, improving work relationships.

Demeter the earth goddess, the pumpkin patch, and the fluttery fairy

2.   Small celebrations provide a well-deserved break, especially as the holidays can be the busiest time of all.

Decorating cookies in the conference room

3.   Employees return to their tasks happier.  Happier employees create a happier company.

Every hot-dog needs mustard

4.   Staff who work in separate offices or buildings get the chance to greet and meet each other during get-togethers.

Dorothy feeding the Derby horse

5.   Fun activities can reveal co-worker’s hidden talents.  It’s a chance for creative proclivities to shine.

Staff with hidden decorating talents

6.   Celebrations greatly boost morale and make employees feel valued.

Spocktober Fest cookie and costume

7.   Office parties can increase retention.  People are less likely to want to leave a company that shows appreciation and creates a welcoming work environment.

Dorothy and the cowardly lion

8.   Laughter not only lengthens life spans, but makes the office a place employees want to be.

The Derby horse and the magical unicorn

9.  Holidays shared at work create fond memories.

The pumpkin patch costume

10.  Clients benefit just as much as employees, who may be feel re-impassioned for their job.  Holiday fun can foster happier, motivated customer service.

A happy heart cookie

So Happy Halloween from

National Research Center!

Spocktober Fest costume

Click here to see pictures of fantastic halloween costumes and creative cookie decorating at the 2015 NRC Halloween Party!


Special thanks to Tammy Dameron, who baked 50 delicious cookies for us to decorate!

Tammy Dameron, cookie baker




Want to find out what your own staff thinks about their work environment?  Click here to learn about The National Employee Survey™ (The NES™)


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