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What are Residents Saying About Local Law Enforcement?

What are Residents Saying About Local Law Enforcement

-The Polco Minute #6 with Angelica Wedell-


Keep on top of the latest best practices and news in local government and civic engagement.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about what residents are saying about local law enforcement. We’ll travel to Boone, Iowa where local officials are elevating the voices of their residents through online polling.  Last, we’ll get some tips for how local governments can better engage young adults.

New Police Study Shows Significant Changes in American Opinions on Public Safety Services

-By Brian Smith, Polco-

A recently published police study reveals sweeping changes in resident satisfaction and experiences with law enforcement in their communities. Read more. 

How Boone Goes the Extra Mile To Make Resident Voices Heard

-By Julia Steege-Reimann, Polco-

“As a City, we always look for opportunities for citizens from all backgrounds to feel their voices matter, because they do,” said Elijah Stines, Boone, Iowa City Council Member. With this philosophy in mind, Boone uses many tools and tactics to make resident voices heard. Read more.

6 Ways Local Governments Can Engage Young Adults

- By Cory Poris Plasch, Polco-

When we talk about hard to reach populations, young adults (ages 18 to 29) are one of the groups most often identified. So, how can we get young adults more involved with local government? Read more.

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