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Can Carefully Targeted Cuts Help With COVID-19's Budget Hits?

Can Carefully Targeted Cuts Help with COVID-19's Budget Hits?

-The Polco Minute #5 with Angelica Wedell-


Keep on top of the latest best practices and news in local government and civic engagement.

In this episode, you’ll get some actionable advice for resolving budget complications brought on by COVID-19. Learn how to build civil discourse online in a world where discord can be the norm. And finally, we’ll take a look at how the public and private sectors are coming together for COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Carefully Targeted Cuts Can Help With Managing Covid-19’s Hit to Budgets

- By Hughey Newsome, Route Fifty

The public health and financial impact in every sector of the U.S. economy from Covid-19 will be felt for years to come. Financial officers are trained to be conservative in times of uncertainty. But there are several considerations they should take into account as they make future budget decisions. Read more 

How to Build an Environment for Civil, Civic Engagement Online

-Show Notes with Michelle Kobayashi and Amanda Baker, Polco-

Many online engagement platforms intend to get neighbors together to solve community problems and collaborate. However, often these platforms become the very opposite of civil. How can we use technology to reduce the polarization gap, decrease tensions, and find optimal solutions that appeal to a broad range of residents? Read more

Five Innovative Ways Cities are Working with Corporate Partners for Vaccine Distribution 

-By Annie Osborne, National League of Cities-

Cities are partnering with corporate and public partners to ensure that their residents are informed about the vaccine and can access it when available. These collaborations illustrate the power of partnerships and the innovative solutions that can arise when the public and private sectors come together in pursuit of a common goal. Read more.

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