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Four Ideas to Celebrate the Fourth of July in 2020

July 2, 2020
Four Ideas to Celebrate the Fourth of July in 2020

-By Julia Steege-Reimann-

A lot of traditional Independence Day events have been cancelled. Plus, social distancing and masks are impacting a lot of communities this year. So celebrating this Fourth of July may need a little creativity. But nonetheless, it’s still important to find safe ways to enjoy our families, our friends, our communities, and our country.

Ways the Polco Team is Celebrating this Fourth of July

1. Watching a Musical

“Instead of going to fireworks this year, I am going to be watching the musical ‘Hamilton’ on Disney+. I have been wanting to see this forever, and am so excited that it is mostly the original cast. It seems like an appropriate event for Independence Day - a musical about the USA's early history and a good substitute for the regular celebration.” - Erin Caldwell, Senior Vice President of Data Science

2. Biking with a Few Friends

“It is my husband's birthday, and usually we bike/hike in the morning and then party-hop two or three times ending up at some fireworks. This year there are no parties or fireworks, so we are combining activities and scaling down. A few dear friends are joining us for a bike ride around town, stopping in for short visits with other friends in their yards. We'll see 15 friends instead of 50, but it will be lovely just the same (*masks and hand sanitizer required).” - Sonya Wytinck, Chief Operating Officer

3. Having a Socially Distanced Barbecue

"This year we're doing a socially distanced BBQ with our neighbors. About five families will divide up and host drinks, appetizers, main courses, and everyone's favorite: S'MORES! Since our city elected not to have fireworks, we'll have a little fire for the kiddos and treats for all! We're happy to gather as neighbors, and be safe about it. And it's always great to have an excuse for a fire!" - Heather Locke, Research Analyst

4. Going to the Dog Park

“I have two one-year-old puppies who are terrified of loud booming sounds and flashing lights in the sky. So my plan is to go to the dog park during the day and then have a nice grill-at-home lunch with my family. It might not be a big to-do, but I'm grateful to have the time to appreciate my family, my home, and my country.” - Angelica Wedell, Director of Marketing and Communications

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