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Inspiring Your Next Big Win

January 10, 2017
Inspiring Your Next Big Win

-By Angelica Wedell-

It’s amazing to see what local governments and other public sector organizations across the U.S. are doing with survey data.  Over the years, we’ve had a front row seat to everything from data-based strategic planning to budgeting to building public trust.

Not only are jurisdictions taking innovative actions with their data, they show a remarkable willingness to share those new practices and ideas with other organizations.  Those same local governments are also seeking out their peers for advice and inspiration, to serve the common goal of improving their communities and workplaces.

These pro-tips, inspiring stories and dedicated local government professionals are wonderful and numerous.  And after many years of working with diverse cities, towns, counties and others from all over the map, we’re bringing everything together in a new way.

Welcome to the Playbook of Strategies and NRC Resource Group

The Playbook of Strategies

If you’ve ever wondered what to do next in the survey process, how to use your results or what other organizations are doing with data, the online Playbook of Strategies is for you.  Officially launched in January of 2017, this website is a living resource for NRC clients.  This playbook follows the 6 E’s of Action to aid community leaders in conducting surveys and using data for building smart strategies.  It’s full of case-studies, examples, informative articles and tools you can use.  Perhaps the best part about the Playbook of Strategies is that it’s a work-in-progress inspired by you.  This website will continue to grow as NRC collects more case studies and tips that will be useful to you.

We happen to be big fans of social media and love engaging with you on every platform.  We realize that perhaps your very best resources are your peers and colleagues.  So for 2017, we are rolling out the NRC Resource Group.  It’s a collective of local government leaders, professionals, survey experts and data lovers sharing ideas, interesting web articles and networking.  All clients of NRC are guaranteed access to this exclusive new group on LinkedIn.

“Adventure has always been to me the connections and bounds you create with people when you’re there.  And you can have that anywhere,” said survivalist and TV personality Bear Grylls.  Grylls does not work in local government, but his words ring a loud bell.  In many ways, the profession is a vast wilderness where survival can be anything but easy.  But experience has shown us that we will find success when we succeed together.

So thank you for working with NRC, for subscribing to The Civil Review newsletter, for helping your fellow leaders, for serving your communities and making this world a better place to live.

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