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The Local Government Mentorship Movement


-By Angelica Wedell-

This is a four part series on local government mentorship.

Recruiting from the new workforce, retaining skilled employees and preparing city and town leadership for the future are major challenges for the resiliency of local government.  Many jurisdictions are making plans and setting strategies to help their employees and organizations achieve higher levels of success.  And while there are many ways to build up the workforce, local government employees readily point to mentorship as a means to support and prepare staff in their careers and in their lives.

National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) has an interesting database on local government employees, but I wanted to know what makes mentorship, specifically, a point of passion for many local government professionals who are role models and thought-leaders in the field.  So I asked a few of them why mentorship matters and what it has done for their careers.  If I’ve learned one thing from these insights, it’s that mentorship is not only a necessity, but it has become a national movement to strengthen the future of local government.

Meet a Mentor

This article originally appeared on ELGL.org

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National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) is a leading full-service survey research and evaluation firm focusing on the information requirements of the public sector, including local governments, health care providers, foundations and non-profit organizations.  Visit our home on the Web at www.n-r-c.com.  Check out our media page for more news, tips and human-interest stories from NRC.

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