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How Can Municipalities Prepare For Their Recovery Funding?

How Can Municipalities Prepare For Their Recovery Funding

-The Polco Minute with Angelica Wedell-


Where can you go to get the latest headlines in local government? The Polco Minute! 

We start today’s episode with some guidance on how communities can prepare to receive their funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. Our next article covers an interview with Matt Fulton, The Vice President of National Engagement at Polco. Fulton says that engaging residents will help local governments effectively help allocate the funding they receive under the American Rescue Plan Act. Finally, we wrap up by identifying a few traits that are shared by many extraordinary leaders.

Local Recovery: Five Principles for ARP Implementation

-By Jennifer Steinfeld and Michael Wallace with National League of Cities-

You’ve probably heard the great news: the American Rescue Plan Act became law recently. With it Congress approved unprecedented direct aid to 19,000 municipal governments. So what do you need to do to prepare to receive funds? NLC’s Federal Advocacy team offers some principles to keep in mind to help guide your plan for recovery.

How Can Community Feedback Help Guide American Rescue Plan Act Spending?

-By Angelica Wedell with Polco-

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) provides a unique opportunity for communities to benefit from federal resources. Local government leaders aim to spend this funding strategically to maximize its impact. Polco Director of Communications Angelica Wedell interviews Matt Fulton, The Vice President of National Engagement at Polco, about how local governments can best engage residents to guide American Rescue Plan Act spending.

Eight Traits Extraordinary Leaders Have In Common

-By Michael Nathanson with The Colony Group and host of Seeking the Extraordinary Podcast-

With his podcast, Michael Nathanson has had the opportunity to interview some very special people, from professional athletes and Olympians, to business titans and pioneers, to leaders of government, philanthropies, and entire communities. He’s learned something from each of them. But taking them all together, he identifies eight intriguing commonalities that lead to personal, societal, and business successes.

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