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Posted by Nick Jeffress on Jan 24, 2018 9:12:00 AM

As governments across the country grapple with ways to effectively engage a decreasing number of locally involved citizens, the availability of modern tools seem to always lag behind those which citizens desire. The rise in social media use to almost 70% of the adult population(1) has created expectations and habits among residents that may not lead to productive discourse or feedback. Popular social networks make it difficult to ensure that outbound information is accurate and objective. These platforms are also not designed for civic communication - too frequently, the most used channels devolve into negative discourse. All of this means the information about local sentiment being relayed to municipal decision-makers on important local issues is of questionable utility.

Drawing on experience with dozens of local governments across the country, our team at Polco helps customers get the most out of their communication efforts, expanding the reach of their message and creating a civil, actionable, two-way communication channel between municipal decision-makers and residents. We have put that experience together, complete with 3 municipal case studies, in our most recent publication: Developing a Communications Strategy for the 21st Century.

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Complete with best practices and desired outcomes, this publication is a great starting point for any municipality looking to increase civic engagement and community participation in local government. To learn more about how Polco works with local governments of all sizes, head over to our info page.

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