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Should Communities be Conducting Resident Surveys Online?


As times change so do the ways we administer surveys. It’s become more prominent to do all manner of correspondence online and surveys are no different.  Senior Research Associate Laurie Urban tells us more.


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Things to consider

Even with something as simple as how you administer your survey can and a large impact on the overall surveying process. Cost is always a concern, and going online can help reduce costs overall. Timelines and target audiences will need to be considered when conducting online surveys especially if segments your community lack reliable internet access. Biases can be effected by something a slight as the method by which a respondent completes a survey.  We have been using online surveys for a long time and have the expertise to address these factors.

The Strength of Using an Independent Source

Going online with your survey can diminish the credibility of the results to some parties. Conducting your survey with an independent research firm will lend credibility, balancing the scales. Anonymity is a big concern to some online, and many feel more protected when an independent source is collecting their data rather than it being collected by the government.

Access to the Survey Experts

Rather than trying to craft your survey alone, use the expertise of our staff. We can help craft questions that are free from bias. We can help compose the survey for the highest level of quality response which leads to actionable results.

How do you drive respondents to your online survey?

Getting the right people to view your online survey can be tricky. An important issue to address especially when you select a representative sample of residents.  You can send out physical mail to the selected addresses asking people to conduct the survey online. If the community has gathered e-mail lists, you can use those to reach respondents.  You can also post a link on your municipal website or social media to help get the word out.

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