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Top Ten Tips For Throwing an Awesome Office Party

October 31, 2016
Top Ten Tips For Throwing an Awesome Office Party

-By Erin Dixon-

NRC employees work hard, but we still make time for fun. We celebrate birthdays, organizational milestones and holidays because we believe it’s important to foster a team spirit. After throwing many office parties over the years, we know planning them can be a daunting task. But along the way, we’ve gathered a few tips that are sure to make any work-party a great experience for everyone.

Cookies and Costumes: NRC Halloween 2016 Photo Album

NRC Halloween 2016-15

1. Plenty of Planning

Make sure to set up reservations, call caterers and schedule events well in advance of your office holiday party. This will reduce stress and ensure that your gathering goes smoothly.

NRC Halloween 2016-6

2. Encourage All Staff Participation

Work to get participation from employees at all levels in your organization. Socializing together, from newer entry level employees to more senior staff, builds camaraderie.

NRC Halloween 2016-10

3. Don’t Talk About Work

Discussing business is what formally scheduled meetings are for! Reserve office celebrations to relax, share funny stories and find commonalities between yourself and your colleagues.

NRC Halloween 2016-11

4. Dazzling Décor

If your work party is at the office, a little bit of decorating can go a long way. Streamers and posters can help transform the old work-space into an inviting clubhouse, where everyone can forget their stresses for a while.

NRC Halloween 2016-3

5. Excellent Eats

Every good gathering has a party platter. Delectable dishes shared with co-workers are always appreciated - whether they be potluck plates, catered casseroles or sweet treats.

NRC Halloween 2016-12

6. Play Some Jams

Spooky tunes set the scene for NRC’s cookies and costumes Halloween party this year. Music takes away awkward moments of silence, breaks the ice and sets the atmosphere. It’s a good idea to make sure the lyrics are office-appropriate.

NRC Halloween 2016-8

7. Add an Activity

Throwing your holiday party around a fun activity will make the planning process easier. Activities are also great for team-building and memory making. A great activity can spark fond conversations about it for years to come.

NRC Halloween 2016-4

8. Set Guidelines

It’s important to create and share guidelines with staff when inviting them to your party. Setting expectations promotes safety and ensures that the fun won’t be shut down in the future.

NRC Halloween 2016-7

9. Party in the Daytime

NRC prefers to plan work parties during daytime hours to give employees a much deserved (paid) break in their day. The business-hour bash also demonstrates workplace flexibility and doesn’t take away from family-time in the evenings.

NRC Halloween 2016-5

10. Definitely Document It

If an organization threw a party and nobody posted it on Facebook, did it really happen? Take photos throughout the shindig and share them on social media. This is a fun way to invite your audience into your company culture. It also encourages staff engagement and creates a space for them to look back later on all the fun they had.

NRC Halloween 2016-13


NRC Halloween 2016-9

Special thanks to Tammy Dameron for providing cookies and frosting for our featured activity.




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