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Winter Survey Poetry 2018

The Voice of the People Must Reign

-By Tom Miller-

Winter Survey Poetry 2018_microphone with santa hat_Shutterstock

The voice of the people must reign.
We tell if they laud or complain.
The right question evokes,
A straight answer from folks
Whose engagement requires little strain.

Working the lane of statistics
Is like being on Wall Street where "vix" is.

The measure of spread
Whether in black or in red
Our numbers help dodge all the ditches.

Don't fear a voters' revolt.
Just ask them, listen and note,
What your residents think,
Wrought in respondents' ink,
Giving findings you always should quote.

And finally, just 'cause you listen,
It doesn't follow your star's going to glisten.
You have to act bold to do
What they have told you
To advance your city's condition.

Colorful Surveys Haiku

-By Angelica Wedell-

Winter Survey Poetry 2018_Colorful Tree ornaments for Survey Haikus_pixabay_CC0

Colorful surveys
Responses glitter awake
Heralding wishes

Listen with purpose
Consider with openness
Decide with data

Local government
Serving your community
Thank you for your work

When Discerning the Voice of the People

-By Paul Parker-

Winter Survey Poetry 2018_Ice bubble for voice of the people poem_unsplash_CC0

When discerning the voice of the people
To the data we often defer
We distill the collected statistics
To find out what people prefer

We deliver results to civic leaders
To help them make decisions
From mundane monthly money stuff
To long term lofty visions

And in the end, if we’ve done well
We can stand beside them
Knowing that we’ve done our part
To illuminate and guide them


-By Ann Michelle Hill-

Winter Survey Poetry 2018_Frosted berries and tree limb for NRC Inc poem_unsplash_CC0

Nice Reality Charts
Number one Review of Citizens
Navigates Royal Changes
Numbers Read and Compared
Never Really Closed
Nothing Really Compares
National Research Center

Get on the Same Page

-By Sonya Wytinck-

Winter Survey Poetry 2018_Pages of text for community engagement poem_unsplash_CC0

Get on the same page
With your community engage
Random sample!
The feedback’s ample!
You will seem the sage!

HoliData Driven

-By Keifer Johnson-

Winter Survey Poetry 2018_Holiday snowflakes for data driven poem_unsplash_CC0

Concepts disentangled
Illuminating unequivocal computation
Refer to data.

Logic position assumed
Inordinate coordinates for poignant choices
as if economic literacy were a concept you read.
Let loose by line the concrete favor
The billowing mischief now held as a kite
Guided through gusts, separation,
Congregation by means undeniable

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