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Winter Survey Poetry of 2019

Turn Your Town Around Haiku

- By Damema Mann -

Winter Survey Poetry 2019_Turn Your Town Around_Pixabay CC0

Opinions abound

Collect them with methods sound

Turn your town around

Twas the Night Before the Ballot

- By Sonya Wytinck -

Winter Survey Poetry 2019_Twas the Night Before the Ballot_Pixabay CC0

Twas the night before the ballot

  and all through the town

Not a council-member was nervous

  nowhere a frown


The research was done

  by pros with great care

Results representative

  of folks everywhere


Survey questions were vetted

  to ensure they were clear

Understanding the decision

  would impact us for years


Best practices in sampling

  were used through and through

To expand resident input

  beyond the vocal few


Data was collected,

  cleaned and weighted

Analyzed and reported

  with results simply stated


Funds for recreation

  with a mil levy renewed

Downtown revitalization

  with support pre-approved


Now staff can push forward

  with this guiding light

Good governance to all

  and to all a good night 

Seek and Ye Shall Find Haiku

- By Michelle Kobayashi -

Policies abound

But who should we listen to?

Our people, our town 


How does one begin

to understand the value?

Ask those who matter


Civic trust declining

Lack of civility abounds

Connections matter


Tough decisions loom

What is government to do?

Welcome residents in


Music to my ears

Gathering resident views

Building our home town


Willingness to pay?

Do they support or oppose?

Seek and ye shall find


Too few voices heard

And so many the same

What to do: Polco!


Residents quibbling

Electeds ready to throw down

Bring them peace: Polco!

Survey Geeks and Data Nerds

-By Paul Parker -

Winter Survey Poetry 2019_Survey Geeks and Data Nerds_Unsplash CC0_Sincerely

When the public depends

on decisions that you make

and you can't seem to figure out

what people want for gosh sakes,


Perhaps it's time to call a pro

to alleviate your doubt.

Let survey data provide the beta

to inform you as you sort it out.


If residents you must engage,

we invite you to check out our page.

We are, in so many words,

survey geeks and data nerds.


We can help you get win-wins

through the voices of your citizens.

Whither City, Burg, or Town,

we will never let you down.

winter SURVEY poetry 2019

-By Angelica Wedell-

Winter Survey Poetry_SURVEY_Unsplash_CC0_Image by Raisa Milova








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