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2019 Pricing for The National Employee Survey

December 1, 2018
2019 Pricing for The National Employee Survey

2019 Pricing for The National Employee Survey (The NES)

Get a clear and accurate picture of the employee climate to ensure job satisfaction, engagement and plan for the future with The National Employee Survey™ (The NES™).

The NES Basic Service Includes:

License to use the survey template.Customization of a comprehensive survey of employees that covers 10 dimensions of the employee experienceOnline data collectionDetailed report of resultsBenchmarking against results from other local government employees*Exclusive access to the NRC Playbook of Strategies*Exclusive access to the NRC Resource Group*Contact your Project Manager for access to the NRC Playbook of Strategies and NRC Resource Group.[uncode_pricing title="Basic Service Cost" price="$7,225|$6,500 DISCOUNTED PRICE*" price_color="color-202863" col_elements="tb" most="yes"]

Add-On Options

Full Price

Discounted Price*


Prenotification Postcard



A prenotification postcard is mailed to all employees’ home addresses (or include a postcard in their paycheck) notifying them of the survey. See below for example pricing

Spanish Translation



Employees will have the option to complete the online survey in English or Spanish

Employment Information Subgroup Comparison Report



Compare results by employment information (e.g., department/unit, exemption status and shift)

Demographic Subgroup Comparison Report



Compare results by demographic questions (e.g., race, gender, age and length of employment)

Business Unit/Department Report



The Business Unit Report includes data for a single business unit/department (e.g., Public Works), and then presents two sets of comparisons: results from 1) all other employees (excluding those in that particular business unit) and 2) the organization as a whole (including those in that particular business unit)

Microsoft® PowerPoint Presentation Materials of Survey Results



NRC will prepare a slideshow so you can present results to your staff

On-site Presentation of Survey Results



Senior NRC staff will present the survey results to staff, Council, Boards or other appropriate groups.

"Putting Your Results to Use" Workshop Led by NRC Staff



An NRC professional will travel to your organization to facilitate the use of your data from The NES with two key groups – frontline staff and executive/management staff. Each discussion lasts 1-2 hours, gathers input on key focus areas and establishes a plan for action.

Example Increase Sample Sizes

Full Price Discounted Price*
Postcards mailed to up to 200 employees $500 $450
Postcards mailed to up to 500 employees $650 $575
Postcards mailed to up to 1,000 employees $900 $800
Postcards mailed to up to 2,500 employees $1,700 $1,525
Postcards mailed to up to 5,000 employees $3,050 $2,725

*Please note all prices are subject to change.

*Discount Eligibility*

You are eligible for a 10% discount on The NCS, The NES, The NBS or CASOA if you:
 Have conducted any of these surveys in the past  Are an ICMA member
 Are an NLC member  Are an Association of Government Accountants member

Not sure if you're eligible?

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We will withhold an administrative fee of $700 from any refund for a cancellation before hours/costs are expended; once the project work has begun and money has been spent (hours or hard costs), we’re unable to make a refund.

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