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Equity and Inclusion: How Do We Move Forward?

Equity and Inclusion: How Do We Move Forward?

-The Polco Minute with Angelica Wedell-


Welcome to the latest news in civic engagement. 

In this week’s episode, two local government leaders share tangible next steps for making local government more inclusive. Next, we explore why America’s great crime decline may be over. Finally, we turn to the TV show Ted Lasso to learn important lessons about leadership. 

Equity and Inclusion: Taking the Next Steps Forward

-By Cory Poris Plasch with Polco-

With national discussions on race and equity, cities around the nation are working harder than ever to create more welcoming communities. Many are also ramping up digital engagement efforts to be more inclusive. How do cities implement new steps toward equity and inclusion? What tools and resources are available? How can resident engagement help?

In this discussion, we interviewed two local government leaders with a passion for community equity and inclusion. They share tangible next steps to making local governments more inclusive.

Why America’s Great Crime Decline Is Over

-By Derek Thompson with The Atlantic-

Thompson interviews Patrick Sharkey, a sociologist at Princeton University, to better understand why America’s great crime decline is over.

Ted Lasso’s Leadership Lessons [no spoilers]

-By Sarah Moss with Sarah Moss, Inc.-

What leadership lessons can we learn from the TV show Ted Lasso? 

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