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What Is Rochester's Simple Solution To Maximizing Engagement & Eliminating Silos?

What is Rochester's Simple Solution to Maximizing Engagement and Eliminating Silos

-The Polco Minute with Angelica Wedell-


Join us for the latest best practices headlines in community engagement.

In this week’s episode, we travel to Rochester, Minnesota to learn about their simple solution to maximizing engagement and eliminating silos. Next, we share some tips for creating great survey questions. Last, we wrap up this episode with ideas for how we can create new and healthy habits when we are low on motivation. 

Rochester’s Simple Solution to Maximizing Engagement and Eliminating Silos

-By Jen Aceto with Polco-

To maximize their engagement efforts, the City of Rochester, Minnesota knew they needed to consolidate tools and reduce internal silos. Rather than wading through dozens of different survey platforms and jumbled data sources, Rochester opted for one streamlined engagement strategy. Read more. 

How To Create Great Survey Questions

-Learning Lab Webinar with Michelle Kobayashi with Polco-

How do you write great survey questions? Join our featured speaker Michelle Kobayashi,  Senior Vice President of Innovation for Polco/ National Research Center, as she reveals top tips and helpful examples for creating the most useful survey questions possible. Read more. 

Intention-Action Alignment Creates Habits…Motivation Does Not

-Zack Blakeney, Peak Performance Coach at B Meta L.L.C.-

“I’ve lost my motivation.” A commonly used phrase with absolutely no truth to it. Not because you don’t feel motivated right now. Rather, the truth is that motivation was never yours to own to begin with.

You weren’t born with motivation, and the high-performers you observe who seem to be motivated consistently, day-in and day-out have a different medium that fuels their habits. The fuel they use is intention. Read more

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