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What Does the Biden Infrastructure Plan Mean For Affordable Housing?

What Does the Biden Infrastructure Plan Mean For Affordable Housing?

-The Polco Minute with Angelica Wedell-


Welcome to the Polco Minute, where you hear the latest best practices and news in local government and civic engagement.

We start today’s episode with an update about Biden’s infrastructure plan for affordable housing. Next, we announce that Polco is partnering with Guardian Alliance Technologies. This new partnership focuses on supporting the law enforcement needs of communities across the country. We close with advice from female leaders to other women in local government.

Biden Infrastructure Plan Offers $213 Billion ‘Sweeping Investment’ in Affordable Housing

-By Andrea Noble, RouteFifty-

President Biden’s infrastructure plan would provide $213 billion for affordable housing, a “tremendous” investment according to advocates that would help modernize public housing and encourage local governments to do away with zoning practices that limit affordability. Read more. 

Polco and Guardian Alliance Technologies Announce Partnership Providing Data Solutions for Community Police Services and Hiring Decision Making

-By Polco-

Polco/National Research Center (NRC) and Guardian Alliance Technologies are very pleased to announce the commencement of a unique and meaningful partnership to support the law enforcement needs of communities across the country. Recruiting and retaining qualified law enforcement personnel and delivering local police services that are aligned with community expectations and priorities are essential elements of meeting public safety goals. This partnership will provide accurate and citable data that drives informed decision making about police candidates and community police services.  Read more.

Leading While Female: Q and A with Women in Local Government


We spoke with some award-winning local government leaders about gender equity, mentorship, advice for women just starting out, and what inspires them most. Read more

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