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Winter Survey Poetry of 2017

by NRC
2 min read
December 19, 2017

There Once Was a Town With a Query

-By Sonya Wytinck


There once was a town with a query
A puzzle that made them quite weary
So they took their dilemma
To our pro Damema
And now the townsfolk are cheery

When making a civic decision
It’s best practice to have some precision
When you get specific
With a poll scientific
The results will inspire your vision

If the trust of your townsfolk you're losing
And it’s driving your council to boozing
Give the people a voice
Through a survey, a choice
Return staff to nightly deep snoozing

Forlorn Voices Sigh Haiku

-By Michelle Kobayashi

christmas village ornaments_Pixabay_CC0

Forlorn voices sigh
Hoping to be heard again
Gather them kindly

Public engagement
Treasured Friend yet Dreaded Foe
Surveys bring promise

Voices of people
Swirling through my weary head
Tough choices await!

Resident surveys
Systematic and random
Democracy lives

There Was a Town That Was Growing

-By Laurie Urban


There was a Town that was growing
But to Town meetings, residents weren't showing
Staff shouted "a survey we need!"
To see what residents think of this growth speed
So a new master plan could get going

Mail, phone or web?
Survey methods continually ebb
When such decisions abound
NRC can be found
To provide you the right advice
So you don't have to think twice
About your survey results being sound.

Quality of Life Haiku

-By Angelica Wedell

winter snacks-mira-bozhko-Unsplash_CC0

Quality of life
Must be measured to improve
Ergo we survey

Data are not eggs
Sitting will not make them hatch
Action gets results

Thanks for working with
National Research Center
Let’s do this again!

When Starting The NCS

-By Tom Miller


When starting The NCS,
Don't feel like it's taking a test.
Results help you grow,
Learning stuff you don't know,
So you can be at your best!


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