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The Growing Threat to Trust in Local Government

2 min read
October 8, 2021

-The Polco Minute with Angelica Wedell-

Keep up with the latest headlines and best practices in local government.

In our first episode, we’ll take a look at how polarization at the federal level may be affecting the trust communities have for their local governments. And we’ll learn about ten work from home tips for 2021.

In our second episode, we take a look at the need for a greater mental-wellness focus at the community level. Next, we hear about the steps you should take based on the data you received from taking The National Community Survey. 

In our third episode, you get ten tips to level-up your community’s communication strategy. You’ll also learn more about how to re-engage employees who are weary, worried, or disengaged.

In our fourth episode, we’ll share how your city can spend ARPA funds with an equity lens. And you’ll get top ten tips for Facebook for local governments.


The Growing Threat to Trust in Local Government

-By Donald F. Kettl from Governing-

It's been strong for decades, but the poisonous polarization at the federal level has begun to flow downhill, threatening to undermine the service to citizens that is the foundation of that trust. READ MORE. 

Top Ten Work from Home Tips For 2021

-By Polco-

The following tips will help you improve your outcomes as you work from home. READ MORE. 


Community Mental Health

-By Austin Holifield from Leadership From the Arena

This post pitches three conceptions of community mental health and invites you to help sort through the ideas and implications involved in each of them.  READ MORE. 

You’ve Just Completed The National Community Survey. Now What Should You Do?

-Webinar with Cory Poris Plasch and Michelle Kobayashi from Polco-

You have just completed The National Community Survey or another benchmark survey and reviewed your data report. You want to take action based on that data. At the same time, you’d also like to know more about what is causing the ratings in some areas or how your residents might prioritize a few potential next steps. So what should you do? READ MORE.


What To Do If Your Employees Have Switched Off

-By Dan Cable and Fran Gino from Think at London Business School-

Three questions to ask yourself if your team is switching off. READ MORE. 

10 Tips to Level-Up Your City’s Communication Strategy

-By Polco-

Engaging your community effectively shouldn’t be rocket science. You do not need an advanced degree in mass communications to get it right. The key to engagement and efficient communication is developing an effective strategy. Here are ten tips that can help any government communicator. READ MORE.


How Your City Can Spend ARPA Funds With an Equity Lens

-By Jen Aceto from Polco-

With the arrival of American Rescue Plan Act funding, local leaders are looking at resource allocation through the lens of equity. Instead of limiting the focus to a single department or coordinator, they are taking a broader view, gathering community input and data before they make decisions about where the funds will go. READ MORE. 

Top Ten Facebook Tips for Local Governments

-By Polco-

Do you run social media accounts for your municipality? Here are ten tips that can help you get the most out of Facebook. READ MORE.

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