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Leading From the Front and Middle of Local Government

-The Polco Minute with Angelica Wedell-


Here’s the latest local government news with the Polco Minute.

In our first episode, we hear how it’s time for managers to expect and empower leadership from the middle and the front of local government. Next we learn how to use top productivity hacks even if you’re not so tech savvy. 

In our second episode, we take a look at how local governments can best leverage social media, specifically with Facebook. Next, we learn why leadership is five times harder than you think. 

Leading From the Middle and Front of Local Government

-By Cheryl A. Hilvert, ICMA Midwest Regional Director- 

Many of us start our professional careers in local government in a position that is located somewhere in the “middle” of the organization.  Some even begin our careers by working on the front line. Regardless of where we work and where we find our ideal “dream” job, we must never forget that we can have significant leadership influence on the organization, regardless of our position, role, or job description. READ MORE.

Productivity Hacks for the Non-Tech Savvy

-By Polco-

What if you could be more efficient in the workplace? What if you could achieve more with less time, and perform at a level you previously considered impossible? The truth is, there are many ways to become a high-performing individual. Productivity hacks work, and we will discuss some that can be particularly helpful in a local government setting. READ MORE. 

Top Ten Facebook Tips for Local Governments

-By Polco-

When used the right way, Facebook can be an indispensable tool for local government communication. It can be much more than a social media presence for your municipality. Do you run social media accounts for your municipality? Here are ten tips that can help you get the most out of Facebook. READ MORE. 

Why Leadership Is Five Times Harder Than You Think

-By Susan Fowler, SmartBrief-

As a leader, you should appreciate that the differentiating factor for creating and sustaining high performance in your workforce is ... you. Leadership doesn’t come down to three secrets or a checklist. Unfortunately, we tend to simplify leadership to the point of uselessness. It’s time we admit that leadership is complex. READ MORE.

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