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How Can You Create Your American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Recovery Roadmap?

How Can You Create Your American Rescue Plan Act Recovery Roadmap

-The Polco Minute with Angelica Wedell-


Welcome to the Polco Minute, where you hear the latest headlines and best practices in local government and community engagement.

In this week’s first episode, we take a look at how the ARPA Engagement Package by Polco can help your community better recover. Then we take a look at how the US Economic Development Administration’s massive economic recovery pool is now flowing as grants.

In the second episode, hear how drones are becoming the latest tools in the local government arsenal. Next we explore the five best ways organizations can ensure successful online outreach.

The ARPA Engagement Package by Polco 

ARPA is here to fund local government community recovery efforts. Now begins a critical time to measure, rebuild, and demonstrate progress. Successful recoveries require that local leaders understand the impacts and needs of residents and businesses. So Polco’s new ARPA Engagement Package helps you hear from your community and uncover the insights you need to best leverage federal funds. READ MORE. 

A $4.5B Pool of Economic Recovery Funds States, Localities Can Tap Into

-By Bill Lucia, Route Fifty

The U.S. Economic Development Administration received an influx of Covid relief dollars over the past year that is more than 10 times the size of its usual budget. That money is now flowing as grants. READ MORE.

7 Ways Drones Are Piloting Local Government Innovation

-By GovLaunch-

Cities and counties are turning to small unmanned aircraft to do everything from finding missing people to removing weeds and supporting those experiencing homelessness. READ MORE.

Five Ways to Ensure Successful Online Outreach

-By Cory Poris Plasch, Polco-

While internet access is increasing, the number of responses to both analog and digital surveys has decreased over time, industry-wide. This makes active, smart promotion and distribution plans doubly important for any survey or other public input endeavor. So when evaluating your organization’s community outreach, how can you maximize responses from your stakeholders? READ MORE.

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