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The Future of Policing

-The Polco Minute with Angelica Wedell-


Find the latest headlines in local government with the Polco Minute.

In this week’s first episode, we take a look at new efforts by local law enforcement to better serve their community. Next, travel to Franklin, Tennessee to learn how they unite community with festivals. 

In the second episode, we take a look at how millennials may be shaping into a generation delayed. Last, examine five tips for being happier and more productive with remote work.

Guest Post: Future of Policing

-By Strategic Government Resources-

Just because success seems unattainable, we should not stop working hard towards achieving a profession that is trustworthy and seen as legitimate. We should not lose hope but continually encourage and promote the change we know will help our profession move closer to where our communities would like us to be. We must also be realistic about the scope and pace of that change. READ MORE.

 Franklin Unites Community Through Festivals

-By Julia Steege-Reimann, Polco-

“The City of Franklin has placed a special emphasis on developing wonderful places where community can happen. As evidenced by our festivals and programming, and the interest we draw from people around the nation and the world, Franklin is a special place where people want to be,” said Eric Stuckey, Franklin, Tennessee City Administrator. READ MORE.

Millennials Aren’t Just Behind. They’re All Over the Place.

-By Annie Lowrey with The Atlantic-

Today's economic conditions are not just holding Millennials back. They are stratifying them, leading to unequal experiences within the generation as well as between it and other cohorts. READ MORE.

Happier and More Productive: 5 Quick Wins

-Heather Locke with Polco-

The post-pandemic remote work landscape is changing so much about how we work. How can we help our teams leverage best practices in productivity in order to be most effective with our time? READ MORE.

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