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Mayors Agree: Data Transparency Builds Trust, Drives Results

Mayors Agree: Data Transparency Builds Trust, Drives Results

-The Polco Minute with Angelica Wedell-

Welcome to the Polco Minute, where we feature the latest headlines in local government and community engagement.

In this week’s first video, you’ll hear why data transparency builds trust and drives results. Then you’ll walk away with the top ten community survey mistakes to avoid.  

In the second episode, we’ll talk about why community input and priority based budgeting go together so well. Next, you’ll learn some tips for loving on your haters.

Mayors Agree: Data Transparency Builds Trust, Drives Results

-By What Works Cities-

Two important things happen when cities embrace open data and data-driven decision-making: results ramp up, and residents’ trust in their municipal government gets built. READ MORE.

Top Ten Common Community Survey Mistakes to Avoid

-By Angelica Wedell, Polco-

Local governments need survey results that are representative and reliable. When data never hatch into action, the fault often lies with the process itself. A cracked survey process can hurt response rates, yield inaccurate data and hinder the usefulness of those results.

So, whether working with an outside firm or conducting a community survey in-house, it is important for Cities and Towns to avoid these ten common mistakes. READ MORE.

Why Community Input and Priority Based Budgeting Go Together, Perfectly

 -By Matt Fulton, Polco-

Aligning resources through Priority Based Budgeting with community values maximizes opportunities for strategic success and financial stability.  READ MORE.

Love the Haters – A Lesson in Public Service

-Ann Marie Townshend, City Manager of Lewes, Delaware for ELGL-

Public service often means taking the hits and keeping the smile on your face; keeping your comments to yourself and helping the angry customer; or owning up to a failure without deflecting it onto others. As public servants, this is what we do.  I recently was listening to NPR on a Saturday, as I often do while my weekend chores, and I heard a story that truly inspired me in this regard. It wasn’t even the entire story, but a part of the story where Dr. Anthony Fauci shares his wisdom on what I see as the heart of public service. In the face of harsh criticism, don’t take it personally. Cut through the harshness and respond to the message.  READ MORE.

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