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Climate Change Cases May Be Less Likely Litigated in State Court

June 24, 2021
Climate Change Cases May Be Less Likely Litigated in State Court

-By Julia Steege-Reimann-


Want the latest headlines and best practices in local government and community engagement? You’re in the right place with the Polco Minute!

In this week’s first episode, we explain how a new Supreme Court Ruling may make it less likely for climate change cases to be litigated in State Courts. Next, civic thought leader Mark Funkhouser shares insights on gender, race, and power in American local government.

In the second episode, a new study provides a rare look at equity and inclusion in US communities. Last, we explore how eradicating fear in the workplace is a mission worth considering.

Climate Change Cases May Be Less Likely Litigated in State Court Following SCOTUS Ruling

-By Lisa Soronen and Carolyn Berndt with National League of Cities-

In B.P. v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-1 on a procedural issue that a federal court of appeals may review any grounds the district court considered for trying to remove a case to federal court where one of the grounds was federal officer or civil rights removal. READ MORE. 

Black Women, Racism and Power in City Hall

-By Mark Funkhouser with Funkhouser and Associates for Polco-

Only about 14 percent of all U.S. city managers are women, and only a very few of those women are black. This matters because most American cities have the council-manager form of government, in which city managers hold a great deal of formal power. Appointed by the mayor and council, they hire and fire staff, shape policy, make budget recommendations, negotiate with the unions and direct administrative operations. READ MORE.

National Survey Reveals Resident Perceptions of Community Equity and Inclusion 

-By Michelle Kobayashi with Polco-

A new study by National Research Center at Polco provides a rare and insightful look at equity and inclusion in US communities, according to the residents. READ MORE.

A Mission Worth Considering 

-By Austin Holifield with Strategic Government Resources-

The mission to eradicate fear and replace it with love is one of the most natural solutions to aid productivity, resiliency, longevity, loyalty, and growth I’ve ever heard. READ MORE. 

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