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What Is The Right Way to Rebuild Cities for Post-Pandemic Work?

May 12, 2021
What Is The Right Way to Rebuild Cities for Post-Pandemic Work?

-The Polco Minute with Angelica Wedell-

The Polco Minute features current headlines and best practices in local government and community engagement.

In this week’s first video, we explore the right way to rebuild cities for post-pandemic work. Next, we share a poem written by the Assistant City Manager of Boulder, Colorado in response to gun violence in a local grocery store. Last, you'll see why ego can be a leader’s greatest strength or biggest downfall.

In the second video, St. Louis's first black woman mayor shares how she will lead with a racial equity lens. Next, the Village Administrator of Waunakee, Wisconsin talks about how they use surveys to increase a sense of belonging for all residents. 

The Right Way to Rebuild Cities for Post-Pandemic Work

-By Amy Liu with Bloomberg CityLab-

What structural considerations should public and private sector leaders keep in mind as they rebuild their post-Covid-19 city better than before? READ MORE

The Public Square Is a Grocery Store

-By Pam Davis with City of Boulder, Colorado

Hope and pride in her community moved Boulder, Colorado Assistant City Manager Pam Davis to create and share this poem in light of the recent gun violence in her City. READ MORE

Why Ego Can Be a Leader’s Greatest Strength and Their Downfall

-By Kristin Hendrix with Leadership Vitae-

Years of observation have revealed patterns in leaders.  The patterns have one common factor that shapes outcomes more than any other.  If I had to choose one thing that makes all the difference in a leader’s effectiveness, it would be ego. READ MORE

How St. Louis’s First Black Woman Mayor Will Lead With a Racial Equity Lens

-By Brentin Mock with Bloomberg CityLab-

St. Louis's first black woman mayor Tishaura Jones talks about pandemic recovery, violent crime and governing as a single Black mom. READ MORE

What Local Government Leaders Should Know about Equity and Inclusion According To Residents

-By Michelle Kobayashi with Polco-

Polco Sr. VP of Innovation Michelle Kobayashi and Waunakee, Wisconsin Village Administrator Todd Schmidt have firsthand experience with how to use surveys to increase a sense of belonging for all. They say survey data can help guide leaders in making more inclusive decisions. READ MORE

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