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Winter Survey Poetry of 2021


This year has been one for the books. It's time to treat yourself to some hot cocoa, grab a blanket, and cozy in by the fire for the 2021 Edition of Polco's Winter Survey Poetry!

Christmas presents under tree

In These Times Haiku
-By Angelica Wedell

In these times we live
Only one thing is certain
Your voice still matters

Engagement is key
To community success
In every regard

Data’s not an egg
If you sit on it and wait
It will never hatch

Snowy neighborhood

The Winter Fun Bowl
-By Erin Caldwell

There was a director of parks
Who wanted a community “spark”
To fight the doldrums
And increase the fun
Of residents stuck in the dark

He wanted a community read
On just what would meet the need
To chase away blues
And bring up the mood
So he sent out a public plea:

“Please come do our wintertime poll
That’s been posted online on Polco”
Residents responded
A new game was founded
And thus was born the Winter Fun Bowl

Residents flocked to the winter time sports
That were played on the parks and the courts
Participants cheered
As the new games premiered
And high ratings were given in the follow-up reports

Snowman family

Better Together

-By Riley Bellin

For years in the past, life has been rather dreary,
Some may even say, things felt a little bit eerie.
And people were beginning to feel quite a bit weary,
But this holiday season, things got incredibly cheery!

The cities, towns, and countries around
All join together, to make quite a sound!
It’s their voices! Their voices! They’ve been heard abound!
When heard by their leaders, not-a-one made a frown.

They gathered their resources and information too,
Working for change, saying, “Gather the crew!”
“Get them to take Polco’s Survey, it’s new!”
When the survey was over, their government grew.

Our voices work better together, not apart.
We should know that not from the end, but the start.
If we all work in tandem, and all do our part,
You should know using Polco’s platform is really, quite very smart.

Winter Scene on Bridge by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash

Wishes For You This Holiday Eve

-By Heather Locke, Emily Cooke, and Suleima Garcia

Wishes For You This Holiday Eve
What a time to be alive,
Where you can speak, listen and thrive,
The New Year brings so many chances,
For your residents to show you their stances,

In this season of merry and bright,
May your surveys be a beacon of light,
May your residents share all their feedback,
And may you enjoy getting your community on track!

The New Year can sometimes take a toll,
Help lift the spirits of your residents with a fun poll!
For example, “Do you prefer coffee or tea?”
Get ready for all the responses you’ll see!

Start 2022 anew and make your outreach efforts count,
By sharing your survey link all around and watching your subscribers amount!

Ornaments on a Tree by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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