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How Can We Reach Those Hard-to-Reach Populations?

How Can We Reach Those Hard-to-Reach Populations?

-The Polco Minute #7 with Angelica Weddell-


Keep on top of the latest best practices and news in local government and civic engagement.

In this episode, you learn about innovative ways that cities are tackling vaccine distribution with the help of corporate partnerships. Then we’ll learn how libraries can increase their community engagement, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Last, we’ll get some tips for how to fight off ‘zoom fatigue’ more effectively.

Five Innovative Ways Cities are Working with Corporate Partners for Vaccine Distribution

-By Annie Osborne, National League of Cities-

Many cities are working with the private sector to tackle vaccine distribution. This collaboration illustrates the power of partnerships and the innovative solutions that can arise when the public and private sectors come together in pursuit of a common goal. Read more. 

Shhh! The Page-Turning Secret of How Libraries Can Read Their Community's Needs

-By Polco-

In this recording, Kim Kietzman from Altoona Public Library talks about how her library uses surveys to gather feedback on long term plans, future library services, and what changes residents want. Read more.

Four Causes of Zoom Fatigue and What You Can Do About It

-By Stanford University, Futurity-

A new study looks at the psychological consequences of spending hours per day on video conferencing platforms. The article provides suggestions for consumers and organizations on how to leverage the current features on videoconferences to decrease fatigue. Read more.

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